THEESatisfaction's Latest Mixtape / And That's Your Time

The incredible, dynamic, and multi-talented Queens THEESatisfaction are at it again. I don't think they can help it. The music effortlessly flows out of them in the form of their latest mixtape release, And That's Your Time. An 8 track dope injection of funky jazz concoctions that implore you to move. And think. There's nothing you can do but fall into the music head first. The ladies built their career on well, thought-out pieces of mix tape art, strategically released to accompany those who frequently take flight. This offering continues to build on that legacy. Stasia Irons and Catherine Harris-White command their spaceship like wily veterans, providing the perfect context in which to explore earthly issues such as self-hate, and Black responsibility. An effort that is to be commended given their influence. These girls aren't only great musicians, they are businesswomen who self-manage their brand in order to maintain control of their art. Obviously, we are inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit, and these girls not only have it, they embody it. Their work ethic needs to be studied by anyone who wants to get involved in the music business at this level.  Signed to the legendary Sub Pop Records [Nirvana, Soundgarden, Fleet Foxes, Shabazz Palaces], Stas and Cat's track record of delivering musical timepieces is well documented. Their debut album, awE naturalE was critically acclaimed, and significantly added to Sub Pop's newly-found credibility amongst the part of the population that Seattle has a tendency to ignore. If you're just getting up on their wave, get a little more familiar by watching their Dream Hampton-directed short for "Queens".  I recommend that you experience THEESatisfaction for yourself by seeing one of their sold-out shows, or by attending their Black Weirdo party series. They are [reportedly, EPIC].You'll find out exactly what everyone on mars [or Brooklyn] is talking about..iframe>

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