Transport is technically defined as the movement of cargo [human or otherwise] from one point to another. Fitting as it may be, our approach is anything but technical. Intratecque was created as a safe-haven. A refuge of sorts. A comprehensive archive of the inspirational people, places, and objects that we encounter along our journeys. Serving as a conduit of information that transcends both time and cultural relevance, Intratecque rejects the ideas of pre-conceived notion. Our intention is to discover the foundation of this culture and celebrate those who the generic refuse to acknowledge. The architects who often times languish in relative obscurity. The artifacts unearthed in territories less traveled. Our own stories of personal sacrifice are well documented. We’ve lost everything necessary in the process of said pursuit. Fortunate enough to have these experiences, we feel obligated to share this information with those in search of their own truths. The fearless entrepreneurs who may be preparing for their own journeys. Though most would never endure this level of self-imposed sanction, most will never actualize the true freedom in which they are in search of. Our unwillingness to rest on one’s laurels is ingrained in our cloth. A cut that demands excellence at all costs. No longer will mediocrity be tolerated. Not here. Not ever.